Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker To Buy Or Gift This Diwali

Diwali is all about coming together and celebrating and what's celebration without a little music? Speakers, both portable Bluetooth once and smart once always make a good gifting ideas. Portable Bluetooth speakers are also quite useful in the sense that they allow you to make your music outside, or Play from anywhere. We have compiled a list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers as well as smart speakers that you can gift or buy this Diwali. After all, what's Diwali without a little entertainment.


Here is the list of best Portable Bluetooth Speakers-

1) UE Wonderboom

Price - Rs. 4,999

The Ultimate ears wonderboom,for the price of Rs. 4,999 is a Damn good portable speaker with a thumping sound output. It produces good audio quality, and the slight bias for low frequencies adds a touch of depth to how it sounds. It is a bit heavy for its Size, and there's no microphone in it to calls which is perhaps the only caveat we found in it. The new wonderbooms also come in new Colours and funky decals that can add to your flair. ( Click here to Buy )

2) Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen 

Price - Rs. 11,999

The Amazon Echo 2nd Gen builds on top of the chimney-shaped older Echo Plus. It's more plump and shout with a new fabric cover that looks aesthetically pleasing. it's sound much better than its predecessor. The new Echo Plus also doubles up as a smart home hub which you can use to control your smart devices like lights, music, etc. Alexa will Always be on your beck and call and answer your queries and even entertain you. ( Click here to Buy )

3) Echo Spot 

Price - Rs. 10,999

The Amazon Echo Spot is a cute little speaker with a display and a webcam. It also doubles up as a funky alarm clock on your bedside table and can thanks to the display, it can show you news clips, videos from prime videos, or vimeo-Youtube yet though) and even let you video call other Echo Spot Users. It's a cool device to have by your side-a little creepy because of the camera on it. ( Click Here To Buy )

4) JBL Go 

Price - Rs. 1,399

The JBL Go is your No-Nonsense Portable Bluetooth speaker that comes in multiple funky Colours and is water and dust proof. It's pocketable speaker that's quite loud for its Size. ( Click Here To Buy )

5) Boss Soundlink Micro 

Price - Rs. 8,089

The Boss Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker is the company's rugged and waterproof portable speaker. It can be paired via Bluetooth using voice prompts and comes with an integrated speakerphone and a multi-purpose button for calling. The device can also be connected with the boss connect app and paired with other soundlink speakers for stereo or Party Mode. ( Click Here To Buy )

6) Marshall Acton Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Price - Rs. 14,999

The Vintage-Looking Marshall Acton looks a lot like the company's famous guitar amps and are known for their signature loud sound. It can be paired via Bluetooth 4.0 and also comes with AUX input. The speaker also has three analog knobs to control the volume, and change the treble and bass settings. This looks quite good in your book shelf and the best part is that it doesn't have to be tethered to a plug point. ( Click Here To Buy )

7) Creative Sound Blaster Roar 

Price - Rs. 9,204

The Sound Blaster Roar is easy to recommend and in our review, we noted that it performs neck to neck with the Boss Soundlink Mini. It also packs a lot of features and can even be used as a USB speaker for PC and Laptop as well. ( Click Here To Buy )

8) Mass Fidelity Core 

Price - Rs. 31,379

The Mass Fidelity Core is an elegant little bookshelf Bluetooth Speaker that uses Custom Designed Drivers to deliver what the company calls holographic sound. When placed right, it produces an intricately detailed, Balanced sound. It's perfect for someone looking for a minimal footprint to improve the home A / V setup. ( Click Here To Buy )

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