Top 5 New Upcoming Features on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been consistently taking off updates of the whole year and has expedited numerous new highlight to the application. This was likewise the year when facebook demonstrated its mastery over whatsApp along these lines bringings significantly more facebook-like highlights locally available including promotions to the information stage. Nonetheless, there is nothing to state that whatsApp is quieting down even a bit with regards to pushing new highlights and updates. As of late, we've seen the pictures in picture mode on IOS, which is likewise while a transit to android users. Here are the best five highlights of whatsApp which you may find in the coming days.

new whatsapp features

1) Swipe To Reply - The swipe to answer include on whatsApp has officially mode its introduction on IOS and soon it will be accessible on android phones also.The elements was spotted being tried on beta from 2.18.300 of whatsApp android. With this components, users will have the capacity to swipe on a message to answer, rather than tapping on it, choosing it and afterward pushing forward with the answer alternative, and it makes the answer include speedy to utilize.

2) WhatsApp Picture in Picture Mode - The whatsApp picture in picture is as of now out for IOS users while, for the android users, the elements was first observed on beta rendition 2.18.301 of whatsApp. The Photo in-picture mode is an extremely amazing usefulness which enables the users to stream Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or streamable recordings on the talk screen itself as opposed to opening the connection on an outsider application. Users will have the capacity to move the screen around, and they will likewise have the capacity to resize it, making it conceivable to talk close by viewing the video.

3) Advertisements For Status - This is potentially the most critical refresh which facebook will bring for whatsApp this year. The online life monster had been peering towards adaptation for the texting stage, and now it is by all accounts taking a shot at the thought. facebook has said that it would be first expediting the advertisements fr status the IOS form. Facebook has additionally included that the promotions would not debilitate the conclusion to end encryption. 

4) Stickers For WhatsApp - Stickers for whatsApp were reported in the f8 developers conference sorted out by facebook recently. According to the date given by WABetainfo, the sticker see was most readily accessible in the form 2.18.218 of whatsApp. Presently whatsApp has been known to test new stickers under the name of 'roll'. The information mammoth had additionally posted a photo of the sticker pack, so it's normal that the components would be soon accessible later on constructs. 

5) Inline Image Notification - Another element which has been seen to be in trying is the inline picture notice in the beta form 2.18.291. The inline picture warning will enable the users to see the got picture in the notice inself with the alternative of either extending it or crumbling it. In spite of the fact that the element won't work with GIFs or other media composes, there will be a little symbol which will see the GIFs. Be that as it may, users won't have the capacity to grow or crumple this see. The elements will likewise be just unheld to android 9 Pie Users.

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